Fenna Volmer

Fenna V. (Fenna Volmer) is a saxophonist and percussionist from Delft whose inner groove comes out of her toes. With strong passion and taste she mainly plays pop, jazz, soul and funk. She graduated from the Conservatory Haarlem and usually plays in cover bands; as a regular saxophonist and/or percussionist, or as a substitute. Her groovy rhythms and sexy sax playing appeal to you and come in. One solo she blows you away, the other time she knows how to hit you. In any case, feeling and energy are paramount, and you can hear that! In addition to intense experience of the music, Fenna V. distinguishes herself by her extensive experience in the music world. In addition to performances, she gives individual saxophone, piano and clarinet lessons. For this she founded her own Delft music school: Fenna V.’s Saxolab. She is also a band coach of fusion band Magatama and teaches at the music school MusicBlvd in Noordwijk. In addition, she regularly records slick solos and tight horn sections in the Hippo Studio at her home.

She does this together with her friend and trumpeter Ruben van der Kleij (www.RubensMusicFactory.com). They have recorded together for TV programs The Masked Singer, All Together Now and I Can See Your Voice, for Pathé films Klem, Just Say Yes, F*ck De Liefde and for Kinderen voor Kinderen and Cinderella de Musical (Van Hoorne Entertainment). Thirdly, she arranges pieces for cupper sections, cupper ensembles, string ensembles and other unusual compositions.

Fourthly, she is treasurer of the Music Without Borders Foundation. Together with three musicians, she founded the foundation to bring music closer to the people who need music most.

Above all this work is the performance, which she prefers to do. She performs with cover bands, her wind quartet, a Hindustani band and an Indian orchestra, as a session musician with other people’s own work, fills in with various bands, tours the country with theater shows and performs with her solo project, “Fenna V.”

She has worked with OG3NE, Shirma Rouse, Roel van Velzen, Tim Akkerman, Sandra van Nieuwland, the Hermes House Band, Mozes Rosenberg, Henk Westbroek and has performed in Suriname, Ireland and Belgium.