In today’s day and age, when everything is stored as a file in the PC, tablet or phone. And the sales figures have turned into download figures, we can say that all products from books to CDs and LPs have become untouchable.
Streaming services such as Spotify and Youtube, among others, now determine the sales figures. And CDs and other products such as LPs and singles are sold in smaller quantities for the collectors. The charts are now determined by the download figures and the sales figures. Record companies have lost their great power and recently the small labels,who are doing well, have been taken over by names such as Sony music. The A&R managers of record companies, who determine the releases, know that the small labels have gained more influence thanks to the streaming services that now predominate by the people who download. More and more democracy has been created by the buyers and downloaders. They now determine the charts because they let them know what they like. Composers and artists no longer have to beg the big record companies if they would please release their song, because the way is now open via their own release via their own label. That is why the Blues Gang has set up its own label.

More and more own labels have gained a great importance in the music industry thanks to the consumer who expresses his own taste through the streaming services. Numerous producers have been able to take advantage. And in this way know how to find their way to fame and success. And this in turn has consequences for the artist. They are the product because without the artist or band, the producer has no ground to build on anything.

This is why the members of the Blues Gang are well aware of the importance of new talents. Young or old, singers or musicians.We offer them an opportunity to take a place within the music industry. The group also realizes that many singers and musicians are unknown to take the right path in the music industry. That is why the idea arose to set up an organization that offers help with all facets of the music industry. You can find more about this under the button Auditions.