The Blues Gang

Almost ten years ago they managed to find each other during jam sessions, and we’re talking about the musicians of The Blues Gang. For more than 30 years they have gained experience, each in his own right and with the most famous artists. For more than 30 years they have worked far beyond the borders and their reputation is therefore clearly noticeable in their music game. But that’s not the end of it. We are working on the continuation of the band. With all their individual characteristics, these musicians complement each other well. They are not only musicians but also have a performance to offer as an artist. Specialized individualists with a deep admiration for each other. There is an atmosphere of love for music and interconnectedness. And that is seen again by many music lovers. The audience watches in fascination as these musicians manage to bring each other to the top of their abilities during their performance. With or without improvisation, but often they know how to whip each other up to a higher atmosphere. And this is exactly what the audience is rewarded with.

The Blues Gang is not just a local band but can safely be called a band with ambitions. The performances go throughout the Netherlands. Now after almost ten years, it was finally time to leave a legacy in the form of their own written songs and release them, for both the band itself and other artists. The first album was released in 2017 with the appropriate title: “The First Step”.
A first step towards fame. To become known you will have to distinguish yourself from the large group, the men of The Blues Gang must have thought. That’s why they’re trying to find their own sound, and they’re doing well. With the addition of a brass section, the music is getting more and more of the impact it needed. During a benefit performance, the horns were involved and the collaboration went so well that there was a follow-up during studio recordings. During the studio recordings it soon became clear that the taste in music was entirely in line with the horns that it was decided to further expand the collaboration on stage..

What goes on in the studio is anyone’s guess. Not only the musicians on stage know how to work their way up to a higher level, but also during the recordings they know how to surprise each other with unexpected musical surprises. Something that benefits the quality. And not only the quality but also the sound they are all looking for within the band is becoming more and more audible.

Whether they are recording for the band or for other artists, they work to bring out the sound in their music. It is remarkable that other artists also want to have the atmosphere of the Blues Gang in their music. Whether it’s country, reggae, rock and roll or any other genre of music. You can recognize the sound of the Blues Gang.

This gave rise to the idea of writing music for other artists and further developing this new sound “the funky soul rock” with blues influences. The collaboration with singers works so well that songs are exchanged via each other’s albums. And that’s how the idea arose to provide every singer with guest appearances, live on stage. On the new album of the Blues Gang you can read the Blues Gang featuring…
And the name of the artist in question follows. On the artist’s album, you can read the artist’s name with the Blues Gang. This also means that the musicians of the Blues Gang are also excellent studio session musicians. Of course, we also invite musicians who have their own specialty. Not everyone can play a pedal steel guitar very well, like Marcel Parijs. And a violin is not one of the specialties of the Blues Gang. So we have good musicians for that too. A harp? That is not inconceivable either.

In Paul van Rijswijk’s Voodoosound studio, all songs find their way to the internet. This studio is located in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. The album “The First Step” by the Blues Gang was also recorded at this studio. The analogue atmosphere has shown itself well in the songs recorded so far.
The quality of an analog studio is still superior to digital. The peripherals and the mixing console are in a class of their own. There is a filter for every sound. An effect for every voice. The artist himself is the most important link that determines the quality of the recordings. If you have the talent and the quality, the foundation is laid. And the rest speaks for itself. With every creative development, whether in photography or in music, doesn’t matter how expensive your material is. Without insight or the quality you have at home, no expensive photo camera or microphone will be able to do it for you. In the studio and on stage, you have to make it happen yourself.

Through the fingers and ears of Paul van Rijswijk, the sound engineer behind the buttons, music is recorded in a perfect way. The atmosphere within the band and music were so strong for Paul that he wanted to participate as a soloist. And coincidentally, there was an urgent need for a solid soloist within the band and with Paul’s heavy metal playing style he was more than welcome. Thanks to Paul, the sound has come closer to the style the Blues Gang wants so badly. The belief within the band has become so strong during the studio recordings that there is also a lot of mutual respect towards each other. And not only within the band but also with session musicians. This is also noticeable through the music. Music truly bring people together and that’s how they feel. Brothers in music.