Rosanna Hofman

Rosanna Hofman is a Dutch singer with an impressive track record. She made a name for herself as a co-singer in the women’s group the Sisters and was seen countless times as a singer with The Ramblers. Also at The Sisters, The Ramblers were often seen on stage and on television.
Whether solo and in duet with well-known singers, or as a backing singer, Rosanna is a popular artist.

In 2003 she took the plunge and left Sonny’s Inc., the most famous party band in the Netherlands, to start her solo career. The well-known composer/producer Hans Vermeulen (Sandy Coast) got wind of this and in 2006 an album was recorded in Thailand. Rosanna’s first album of Burt Bacharach songs became a fact! And yet there were still plenty of BNers who wanted to call on Rosanna. And that says it all. The group Eve, including Marlayne Sahupala, is just one example.
With her solo theatre show (2018), Rosanna managed to move the audience with evergreens. ‘Unforgettable Songs’ was an apt title for her show.

You can say that Rosanna is an old hand who understands the profession well. That’s how she earned her stripes. And whoever continues the path unperturbed will meet many people.
The song “Sea of Booze”, composed and produced by Ab Vieane, is perfect for her. Or rather: “Made for her voice”. The song tells the story which is recognizable to many people.

Anyone who knows her can confirm it, she is a very nice person to work with. Rosanna Hofman is an artist at heart and a true stage animal who knows how to impress you. Would you like to experience it yourself and/or interview her? Then prepare yourself well because she has been through a lot and her experiences are still being supplemented. Rosanna makes herself heard. In word, image and especially in song!
Her new single is a perfect example of this. “Perfect World”.
Writing by James Intveld.

All the titles mentioned are taken from her upcoming album “Many Colors”, which stands for her extensive music genres. On this album you will find a variety of different styles. Which in turn guarantees many variations of music. Music from ballads to uptempo. From Country to Rock and Roll.
The many faces and the many colors of Rosanna Hofman!

Rosanna during recordings