Ruben van der Kleij

Multi-instrumentalist Ruben van der Kleij is a musician from Schipluiden (The Netherlands). With an average of over 150 gigs and dozens of recordings every year, you could say he is quite busy. 

He studied at the conservatory of Haarlem and got the degree Bachelor of arts; Pop/session musician Trumpet in June 2016. His trumpet teachers were Jan van Duikeren and Rob Balfoort. Ruben got the opportunity (during his study) to perform with national and international celebrities like Roel van Velzen, Mozes Rosenberg, Gruppo Sportivo, Waylon and Henk Westbroek.

Ruben plays in a lot of different bands. Because of the diversity of his education and his previous experiences, he feels comfortable in various styles. He’s often asked to participate in a bigband, Bollywood orchestra, classical ensemble or a DJ-gig, but his focus lies mostly in the (pop)-band scene. A few examples of the bands Ruben plays in are: Son de Aqui, Step the Gap, Plunck and now also in the Blues Gang!

Besides performing, Ruben does a lot of recordings. The projects vary from recordings for beginning artists till recordings for national TV. Together with girlfriend and saxophone player Fenna Volmer, Ruben records complete horn sections and even bigbands.

Adams Artist
Apart from being a musician, Ruben is also a guitarbuilder at Rubinsky guitars Rotterdam. This is why he feels a strong connection with the company of Adams, which long ago also started off as a small sized company, but never lost the authenticity and passion for creating and selling musical instruments. Great to see how these amazing instruments are made completely in the Netherlands itself! Ruben feels honored to be an Adams artist. He plays an Adams A4 and A5 Trumpet and an Adams F1 Flugelhorn.